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How quickly time passes.  We can’t believe it’s been a month already since the first edition of our newsletter.

In just a few weeks so much has happened.

The refurbishment of the outside of the building is now completed and the builders have started the internal works.  We are tremendously pleased with the exterior, and once our new floodlighting is in, the hotel will look spectacular as you approach down the drive.  We tested them a few evenings ago and within minutes somebody had come down to say he’d seen us illuminated from the road and wanted to make a booking!  
It’s been good to welcome back some old friends of Plas Dinas over the last few weeks.  Repeat customers are our life blood and it’s encouraging to hear the positive feedback from them, with many leaving glowing comments in our new visitors book, the best of which we'll be publishing on our website soon.

Lastly, everyone appears to love our new menu and the subtle changes we’ve already made. Many guests are already looking forward to their next visit to see all the improvements. We hope to welcome you to Plas Dinas very soon...

Warm regards,

Andy & Julian.

Sunny Days

Welsh here we come...

Remarkably, while the rest of the country was being battered by high winds a few weeks ago, we were bathed in sunshine and even had a walk on the beach!

We recently attended a local workshop on the use of Welsh food and language. 

It was very useful as we want to ensure that we use local produce and suppliers and let our guests really experience the local Welsh culture.

We seem to have our very own eco-system here & generally have better weather than the surrounding areas. Again when most of the country had ground to a halt with the snow, we only had an inch which was gone by evening. Guests were surprised after taking hours to get here through terrible weather conditions that it was sunny and dry when they arrived!

It just goes to prove that Wales doesn’t always have the worst weather...

We were interested to learn that the word “Welsh” is actually Saxon for “strangers”, whereas “Cymry” means “community” which is a much more friendly way of describing our new neighbours! Following the course, we’re looking at all our signs and menus being bilingual.

Sign of the Times
Uniform Look
Special Offer

We are currently planning our new signs for the roadside, as well as throughout the building.  They will display our new logo, be bilingual in Welsh as well as English and be well illuminated to encourage passing trade.

We’re hoping to make a big impression on the main A487 and attract new business once people know we’re here.

Watch this space!

The Plas Dinas staff are to get uniforms shortly and they’re excited about our smart new look.

To go with the uniforms, we’ve also provided smart name badges. Together we hope they will help guests easily identify the staff during their stay.

All of our staff are very important to us so keep a look out for them on your next visit to Plas Dinas - they are always happy to help!

For all our newsletter readers out there we have a special offer. 

Book now through our website and click on “Enter Code” at the bottom of the reservations page. 

Make a booking throughout March and you’ll receive 25% discount! Use the following details:

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